When Ability Met Disability

I would like to share an expert from a podcast I heard which deeply impacted me:


Ability met Disability one day at a party !

And there was immediate chemistry between them as they introduced themselves...

“Hi I am Ability”

“Hey there Ability, I am Disability”

Disability asked ability, “So where do you live ?”

Ability said,” I live in the mind of humans”.

Disability said,” That’s cool!”

“I too live in the mind of humans”.

And they shook hands on that as friendly neighbors.

“So what do you do for a living?” Disability asked Ability.

“I enable humans to achieve their potential by maximizing me as their resource”

Disability smiled back with a twinkle in the eyes and said, “Hey, that’s what I do too!”

“I challenge humans to achieve their potential by maximizing me as a resource, to change their lives and that of others”!

Ability said, “Wow, your work sounds much more interesting - you change the human’s life and that of others !”

“How do you do it, Disability ?”

Disability replied softly, “I help humans see that they are specially gifted with a challenge to overcome, so that they can go looking for answers, & dig deep within for all the resources possible to achieve their own potential & in doing that they inspire others around them that they can do it too.”

Ability replied in awe, “You help humans grow! I only help them do what they can already do! “

Disability said to Ability, “Why don’t we join forces then ... together we can do wonders!”

I have spent some time interning at an occupational therapy centre in New Delhi during the pre-covid times. The patience, love, care and most of all empathy of the therapists working with young children had a riveting effect on me. One thing was fundamentally clear to me, that if a child is unable to learn in a certain way, just change the method. And, there is no dearth of methods. Creativity and art are powerful tools.

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