The Game of the King

The Game of the King

A short documentary on tigers

Cinematographer: Pankaj Kapur

Script: Tarini Kapur

To commemorate World Tiger’s Day, my father, who is passionate about wildlife photography, has painstakingly put together a documentary about the territorial beast. The documentary is short and gripping and dissects his daily timeline. The documentary has been scripted by me. Rather than putting it together as a commentary on him, I have written the story through the eyes of the tiger, yielding his perspective and voice which we don’t usually see or hear. It dismisses the eager and over enthusiastic behaviour of tourists, because of whom wildlife tourism is no longer sustainable and conducive to providing a safe haven to the animals. It takes the viewer through the trials and tribulations of this king of the jungle as his kingdom is steadily declining. The human spectatorship alarms his prey making it increasingly difficult for him to stalk his prey. Frustration takes over his natural behaviour and he sometimes gives them a chase rather than stalking to hunt.

The tiger narrates how feels at various junctures such as the steadily depleting level of the water hole as he steps in it and how his territory is less thicker as he patrols it, invigorating the viewers with the question, are you causing this destruction?

Watch the full documentary here.

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