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As my YouTube Channel, called Star In Me crosses a landmark of five thousand subscribers, I’m delighted to highlight one of the most challenging yet exciting parts of the process of creating these videos. The characterization of the protagonists and other main characters from the NCERT curriculum stories. For those reading my blog for the first time, Star In Me is an initiative for creating a structured learning resource for Grade 10 students for the subject English (CBSE Board, NCERT Textbooks). It uses richly illustrated audio visual modalities to work as intervention for students who have greatly suffered learning losses over the past two years.

Here are the most favourite protagonists from my journey.

Amanda: Meet Amanda, a school going teenager. She finds a respite from her mother’s constant rebukes and instructions in her imaginary world. She wishes to blissfully glide in a sea like a mermaid, like an orphan roaming the streets and like Rapunzel, in her tower, who unlike the real Rapunzel wont even let down her hair for her mother. She has been depicted as a typical teenager who bites her nails, hunches her shoulders, slouches while sitting, doesn't finish her homework, leaves the room untidy, forgets to clean her shoes, eats chocolate when she is not supposed to be, and forgets that she has acne so doesn't take care of herself.

Wanda: A young Polish girl whose parents have immigrated to America. She comes from a poor locality called Boggins Heights. Wanda is often quiet and a well behaved child. She always wears the same blue, faded, ill fitted but clean dress to school everyday. She is extremely reserved and has no friends at school. She is bullied constantly at school but her timid and vulnerable appearance belies her inner strength. She is endowed with a rich imagination and stuns everyone in the end with her hundred sketches of beautiful dresses which wins her the first prize.

Pader: A Baker from Goa: The warm, friendly, affable and plump physique of the Goan traditional baker replete with all the details: his large wicker basket containing bread bangles and loaves, a bamboo staff and a bell which made a loud jingling sound heralding his arrival. His dress bore semblance to the erstwhile kabai worn by bakers during the Dutch rule. His warm persona explains his popularity among the children who looked forward to seeing him twice a day.

Mrs. Pumphrey and Tricki: Mrs Pumphrey, a rich mistress of a dog named Tricki. The aesthetic depicts an old English setting. I particularly enjoyed adapting the style of Sie Quentin Blake to bring out the layers of humour even while depicting Mrs. Pumphrey’s agony in this story. Tricki is an over pampered and spoiled dog. He resembled a sausage with four frail legs projecting from his body which could barely carry his weight. His transformation has been depicted from a rheumy overfed fatigued creature to a lean, muscular and healthy dog.

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  1. Amanda

  2. Wanda Petronski

  3. Pader

  4. Mrs. Pumphrey and Tricki

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