Kandinsky Paperscape: A relief mural in paper machē

The ‘Yellow-Red- Blue’ by Wassily Kandinsky, the “Father of the Abstract Art Movement" is arguably Kandinsky’s most celebrated work, created in the year 1925.

Kandinsky’s paintings celebrated color, form and music.

Interestingly, he used the secondary form of the three colors to bring out the theme, namely, purple, orange and green.

There is a balance in color and form which guides the eye from left to right.

My 3D version of it:

The original painting:

How I made it:

Paper Mache by gluing soaked paper on a balloon. It was painted purple in the inner dome.

Repurposing old plastic balls by cutting it to give it a new form.

Paper strip weaving.

Surface details of a plastic ball hemisphere using triangle cut outs.

I explored different techniques of making forms with paper to enhance the relief of the mural using basic technique of paper machē.

In the making:

All firmed up after a day of drying:

Up close with the 3 dimensional effects of my mural:

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