Fostering learning through creativity

This is one of my most favorite experiences during my internship at the Sensitivity Centre. I was an acquaintance with one of the therapists working with young Jia (name changed). Jia is a young, effervescent child, with an amazing and unusual thought process. She brought in bursts of energy during the sessions. She always took to learning and understanding in a multi sensorial way, built in a context and delivered in a logical manner, rather than simply repeated and drilled into her.

The lessons the therapists plan and the deliverables are well thought of before. The learning outcome desired is concrete. But it takes the distant parallels of strategy and intuitive methods for learning depending upon the situation to have a fruitful session with children. It is just as demanding as fulfilling.

During a play of ring around the roses, we merged pretend play and did the topic of water cycle, at a kindergarten level. We ran around creating the energy and entropy of the water vapours, joined hands and became clouds, swirled in the sky and finally came down as rain!

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