Flagging a trip down memory lane

My heart is filled with nostalgia. It has been over a year since I visited my alma mater. What was meant to be a momentous year for my school, which had completed 100 years of glorious existence, lays barren.

Here is an article I read all over again which I had journaled for the school's centenary flag hoisting ceremony.

The Centenary Flag Hoisting

-By Tarini Kapur

Every human achievement of any significance begins with a vision. As was the vision of the founder of Modern School, fondly known as Lala Raghubir Singh. Mr. Raghubir Singh had a vision. A vision to raise a generation of boys and girls whose outlook would be modern but who would respect and be dedicated to their past. From being a massive bungalow converted into a school house in Daryaganj, with 6 pass outs in their very first batch, to now being a global identity, Modern school since the very beginning, has made a mark. Whether it was Mahatma Gandhi leading the march to the school premises in the pre independence era, or the likes of Rabindranath Tagore, Jawaharlal Nehru or Dr. Maria Montesseri visiting the school, to contemporary stalwarts like Mr Ratan Tata or Mrs Pratibha Patil gracing the eminent occasions in the school. Modern school has seen it all. The Centenary celebration marks a just as momentous occasion in the glorious history of this institution. The nip in the air underscored the verve of jubilation. The air was saturated with excitement and anticipation of the crisply dressed students walking into the school for a day not ordinary. A day which was to witness and unfold one of the most magnanimous events in the school’s history. The flagging-off of the Centenary celebrations on October 21, 2019. The day marking the first day of the 100th year of this school of national and historic importance in the capital city of India. The spectrum of the colored house flags were waving synchronously as if orchestrated by the ruly breeze highlighting the classic red brick quadrangle, awaiting the presence of the esteemed dignitaries. The marigold rangoli arrangements tessellated geometrically lined the floor niches. A lone metal pole stood tall, a metaphorical analogue for the school and the pinnacle of success it has achieved. This is where the flag would be hoisted. The final touches were set out by the rolling of the red carpet by the support staff. The school principal and headmistress, omnipresent in the school scape, reviewed and perfected out the fine details in the last minute. Grade 3,4 and 5 teachers then lined in their pupils in their prepositioned spots to do their final rehearsal of the School's Centenary anthem. Sweet melody of the anthem chorused by the students soon filled the atmosphere. The event set off with the arrival of the chief guest Shri K.K.Kapila, Chairman ICT and the board of trustees of the school. The dignitaries were felicitated in the school auditorium to a throbbing audience of students. The thumping march past of the NCC cadets reverberated past the narrow aisles in the auditorium as they carried the Centenary flag through the applauding audience. The stride with pride impersonating the valour and discipline of the forces and the unveiled Centenary crest on the large flag which they carried was a sight to behold. The NCC cadets then flawlessly preceded the dignitaries to the tune of the police band, escorting them to the quadrangle for the much awaited flag hoisting ceremony. The sun was up and sharp now. The flag was unfurled and fastened to the pole and finally, raised by the Chief Guest. The chorused voices of the school anthem, 'Balwan Bano' by the junior school students in the quadrangle flowed in and the decibeled momentum gained thrust with the students inside the auditorium joining in the anthem to culminate a moment of exuberance and love for the Alma mater.

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